Denise Kaufman



"Basic Human Needs"
 Wavy Gravy featuring The Ace of Cups 

Denise and the Ace of Cups get together in this collaboration with their longtime friend, the legendary Wavy Gravy on Wavy’s iconic song “Basic Human Needs.” This is the first offering from the Ace of Cups upcoming album on High Moon Records (Spring 2018). 


 Learn the benefits of squatting. 

Denise is passionate about encouraging us all to get off of chairs and “regain our squatters’ rights.”  She envisions a world of fluid squatters of all ages. She and the Squat Team created a song, music video and website to encourage us all to 'git down! Visit SQUAT EVERYWHERE to learn more.


Music News

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KZSC Interview with Denise Kaufman from the Ace of Cups

The Ace of Cups has come together to record a proper studio album of old and new songs. Listen in as Kaufman talks about the band’s past, present, and future. Their upcoming triple album on High Moon Records offers a vast array of songs with the help of many Bay Area musicians and friends. You’ll hear Kaufman share clips from the upcoming album and tell the stories behind them. It’s been a long time coming, but is well worth the wait.

Denise, Mary Ellen, Diane, and Mary Gannon.

Denise, Mary Ellen, Diane, and Mary Gannon.

Ace of Cups first studio album: Spring 2018!

Together to record their album, the Ace of Cups also stopped at the Acoustic Guitar Room at The Music Center in the Haight Ashbury, San Francisco to record the Detour Walking Tour, a downloadable audio guide of this historical landmark area.   

More fun in the studio!

Wonderful kids lend their voices to "Thelina" for the Ace of Cups reunion album project. 

Ari Rios, Dan Shea, Denise Kaufman, and Bobby Weir.

Ari Rios, Dan Shea, Denise Kaufman, and Bobby Weir.

In the studio with Bobby Weir

Denise hanging with a great crew at Laughing Tiger studios, working on the upcoming Ace of Cups album (guitar solos on Bobby's vintage Gretch and lead vocals to melt your heart on "The Well"—stay tuned)!


Bobby Weir on the Ace of Cups album.

Good times with Bobby adding his mojo to the Ace of Cups project. Grateful for friends!

Family Happenings!

New album by Eli Smart!

Denise's grandson, Eli Smart, has a brand new album out, Victim of My Nature. Listen in and buy it on iTunes, follow and listen on Spotify, and check out the music videos: Victim of my Nature and As Sure As My Sunburn Every Summer

New album by Serena Jewkes!

Denise's daughter, Serena Jewkes (AKA Tora Smart!) has released a jazz album featuring her father, Noel Jewkes. Check it out here

Visit Hanalei Strings music store!

Denise's daughter Tora and her husband Kirk own and run Hanalei Strings in Kauai, Hawaii. Learn to play ukulele in just one class in Kirk's group sessions, leaf through the classic vinyl records, buy your own dream ukulele or enjoy a night of Hawaiian music, jazz, and more at the shop! Info here